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We understand retirement planning is a crucial part of your life. Therefore, at United Direct Insurance, we offer the best-in-class annuity policy that helps you get payouts with tax-deferred interests throughout your life; helping you to lead a comfortable life while ensuring your financial independence even after retirement. Contact us today for a customized annuity policy in Encino, CA.

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Buy Annuities in Encino to Get Assured Income for Your Lifetime

Depending on its type, an annuity policy will help you save funds for your retirement, protect your savings, or generate an income from your savings. You can fund your annuity policy with a lump sum of money or a series of payments over a specified period. You will receive regular payouts (generated from your investments), beginning either immediately or in the future, depending on your chosen policy.

With a comprehensive annuity policy, you can finance all of your retirement expenditures with peace of mind.

Benefits of Buying Annuities in Encino, CA

Benefits of Buying Annuities in Encino, CA

Besides providing a fixed income stream, annuities offer substantial benefits, including:

  • Financial Security – Your investments will always be safe, despite market fluctuations or losses.
  • Tax-Deferred Growth – You don’t need to pay taxes on interest and investment earnings until you withdraw funds or take income from them.
  • Growth Potential – You can build interest with traditional fixed and fixed-indexed policies.
  • Payout Options – You can choose from various payout options, including lump-sum, monthly, or installment payments.
  • Death Benefits – You can transfer your annuity funds to your loved ones by adding death benefit riders.

Types of Annuities

  • Fixed Annuities – You will receive a fixed interest (usually higher than bank CDs) with fixed annuities) for your investments. Depending on your needs, you can choose to receive payouts immediately or later./li>
  • Variable Annuities – They allow you to invest in the stock market and bond products, called subaccounts. Your returns are based on the performance of the subaccounts you choose. However, a rider can be purchased to receive a fixed income, despite the market/subaccounts performance. This is useful if one or more of the accounts performs poorly.
  • Fixed-Indexed Annuities – These fixed annuities with a variable interest rate will be added to your contract if an underlying market index, such as the S& P 500 is positive. They provide a guaranteed minimum income benefit and potential for growth based on the performance of the underlying index. The buyers of this annuity don’t participate in the active market much, making it perfect for retirees and pre-retirees.
  • Immediate Annuities – They allow you to pay a lump sum to your insurer to receive regular payouts for your lifetime or a particular period. You should start funding this annuity within 1-12 months of purchase. Returns will usually be higher than other annuities, as they include principal, interest, and tax benefits. This is quite similar to a life insurance policy.
  • Deferred Annuities – They allow you to delay receiving payments until the desired period (usually beyond a year), providing an opportunity to increase the income generated from your investments along with interest. These are useful for persons who want guaranteed income in the future, not now, or those who want to have a steady income ladder throughout different periods later in life.
Annuity Eligibility

Annuity Eligibility

To determine whether you’re eligible for an annuity in Encino, CA:

  • Connect our insurance experts at United Direct Insurance
  • We will help determine your investment goals and match them with the best annuity policy
  • You can review the proposed policy to see whether it meets your financial needs
We Help Protect Your Lifestyle after Retirement

We Help Protect Your Lifestyle after Retirement

At United Direct Insurance, we believe everyone deserves a peaceful and secure life after retirement. Therefore, we offer personalized and cost-effective annuities that assure financial stability, while reducing the risk of outliving your savings. As a reliable and full-service insurance agency, we are committed to providing the best possible annuity policy to maximize your payouts and minimize your investments taxes. Our skilled insurance professionals will answer all your annuity-related questions, helping you make informed decisions.

Interested in buying annuities in Encino, CA? Contact us today at or call us at 1-800-805-0787.

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