Renters Insurance

Get Personalized Coverage For Your Rented Home

A renters insurance policy protects your personal belongings from damage or loss caused by covered perils, while you are living as a tenant. Your landlord is only responsible for damage to the building and fixtures. Therefore, whether you live in a rented condo, apartment, or single-family home, you should purchase the right renters insurance policy to protect your personal possessions. At United Direct Insurance Services, we provide customized plans at affordable rates to meet your unique renters coverage needs.

Renters Insurance Coverage

What We Have to Offer

Our standard renters insurance policies typically include the following types of coverage:

  • Personal Property Protection: Covers damages to belongings on your premises such as furniture, clothing, appliances, and electronics.
  • Liability Protection: Covers legal costs accruing to visitors injured on your premises, as well as third-party property damage.
  • Medical Protection: Pays for expenses incurred by visitors injured on your premises.
  • Additional Living Expenses: Covers temporary lodging expenses in the event that you need to move out of your rented unit due to safety reasons

Most of our renters insurance policies exclude flood and earthquake damage. To protect your possessions against such damages, you may have to add riders/endorsements to your standard renters insurance policy or purchase a standalone flood/earthquake policy.

Also, if you own and keep expensive items such as collectibles, jewelry, art, and other high-value items in your rented property, you may need a special policy to cover them completely.

Save on Renters Insurance

We Can Help You Save on Renters Insurance

At United Direct Insurance Services, we are committed to offering our clients the best plans at competitive rates. The cost of your renters insurance policy depends on the deductibles, coverage limits, and exclusions in your policy. Our team of knowledgeable and well-trained insurance professionals can help you get started, by analyzing your coverage needs and advising accordingly. We also offer discounts if you install risk-mitigating features, such as:

  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Burglar alarms.
  • Sprinkler systems.
  • Deadbolt locks on exterior entryways.

You can also earn additional discounts if you bundle your policies. If you live in California and are looking for a renters insurance policy to suit your needs and budget, call us today at 1-800-805-0787 for a free quote!

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