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Rebuild Your Home and Replace Broken Possessions with Our Earthquake Insurance Policy

If you own a home in Los Angeles or any other part of California, you’re at risk of losing your property to earthquake damage. At United Direct Insurance Services, we offer customized earthquake insurance coverage to protect you against damages and losses not covered by your standard home insurance policy.

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Because You Need More than Home Insurance

The cost of an earthquake policy is significantly lower than what you stand to lose if your home suffers significant damage due to an earthquake. Earthquake insurance can help protect you against huge losses by covering:

  • Your home’s repair costs: Our policy not only covers damage to the veneer of your home, but also damage to the walkways, driveways, or land leading up to your home.
  • Personal property: This includes your furniture and television. It also covers certain valuables, including jewelry, furs, collectibles, and electronics, but up to special sub-limits.
additional costs covered

Other additional costs covered:

  • Emergency repairs to protect your home from a residual earthquake.
  • Building code upgrades.
  • Land repair to support and stabilize your home.
  • Safe replacement.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Additional expenses related to temporary accommodations while your home is uninhabitable.
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At United Direct Insurance Services, we can help you get a personalized earthquake insurance policy to suit your needs and budget. Our team of knowledgeable, well-trained insurance professionals will review your current coverage and determine how much it would cost to add earthquake coverage to your policy. Call us today at 1-800-805-0787 to get a free quote.

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