Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Maximize Your Business Liability Protection with Umbrella Insurance

General liability coverage has helped many businesses survive potentially devastating claims throughout California, but it only provides protection up to a certain limit. Commercial umbrella insurance can extend your liability limits, providing an additional layer of safety.

If your business ever faces liabilities exceeding your existing policy limits, you could suffer crippling financial losses without a proper fall-back plan in place. Our knowledgeable risk specialists at United Direct Insurance Services, can help you safeguard your company's finances and other assets against common worst-case loss scenarios.

We offer customized umbrella liability insurance to protect your company from out-of-pocket costs that could exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars after your existing policy limits are exhausted.

Commercial umbrella insurance

Get Covered Beyond Your Basic Policy's Existing Limits

Commercial umbrella insurance provides the same benefits as your underlying liability policies, such as:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers' compensation
  • Employee benefits liability

Expanding liability coverage for each of these policies separately can be expensive in the long run. At United Direct Insurance Services, we can help you lower the overall cost of additional liability coverage by consolidating it under a single commercial umbrella policy.

General Liability Insurance

In this way, you can efficiently protect your company from any substantial claims covered, including:

  • Defamation: Helps when you're successfully sued for libel or slander.
  • Reputational harm: Provides coverage if you lose a lawsuit alleging damage to the reputation of another entity.
  • Auto accidents: Covers bodily injury and property damage claims that exceed your commercial auto policy's liability limits.
  • Product liability: Protects your company when it is held liable for making or putting together a product that caused severe harm to its users.
United Direct for Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Why Choose United Direct for Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Our agents have your best interests at heart and will walk the extra mile to help maximize liability protection for your business. We guarantee the following, when you use us for umbrella insurance coverage:

  • We have extensive know-how and experience with different types of businesses and industries in California. Therefore, we can craft appropriate protections for the unique nuances of your specialty.
  • We can help tailor your umbrella liability policy based on your coverage needs, including your preferred limits and deductibles.
  • Working with multiple A-rated carriers enables us to offer flexible plans, multiple quotes, and competitive premiums.
  • Our exceptional customer service includes 24/7 access to expert guidance on any burning issue, from risk mitigation and claims management to insurance coverage review and updates.

Can your business survive unexpected, financially crippling liability claims? The experts at United Direct Insurance Services in Los Angeles, CA, can help you efficiently incorporate an additional safety net into your existing liability coverage. Contact us now for a free quote!

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