Life Insurance Coverage, Encino, CA

A Comprehensive Life Insurance Solution in Encino, CA

At United Direct Insurance Services, Inc., you can depend on us for your future security and financial well-being. Life Insurance is crucial to protecting your family and loved ones who depend on you financially. At United Direct Insurance, we offer personalized life insurance plans that meet your unique insurance needs and protect your loved ones’ future. We offer professional insurance solutions across a wide spectrum at affordable prices.

What is life insurance for?

  • Protection for loved ones – Emergencies never come announced. Stay a step ahead and live stress-free. Secure your loved ones’ futures by leaving them a tax-free inheritance with our comprehensive life insurance plans.
  • Business and Ground benefits – Offer life insurance as an incentive to your employees and their family, partners, and executives.
  • Mortgage Protection – Protect your family from the burden of mortgages by purchasing a term insurance plan. This plan can repay your debts if something happens to you.
  • College Planning – Life insurance is a tax-free investment to secure your children’s future. It’s an efficient way of building cash value to help your children continue their education.
  • Long term care and disability – These life insurance plans are designed to offer nursing, healthcare, and long-term care coverage. These plans cover the costs of disabilities and critical illnesses and assist you financially.
  • Retirement and Estate Planning – Life insurance can assist you in bearing the expenses post-retirement, by supplementing your income, and paying estate taxes. This can be done through a single policy or by opting for another die to survivors policy.
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Types of Life Insurance we provide

  • Term life insurance – This plan offers guaranteed death benefits for the insured’s beneficiaries. Our term life insurance plans help your family pay the mortgage debts and afford the college expenses after your demise.
  • Whole life insurance – This plan also offers guaranteed level premium payments, a well-built cash value, and a lifetime of life insurance protection. It can also lead to cash accumulation.
  • Universal life insurance – Our Universal life insurance plans offer flexibility, death benefits, and saving elements to fit your needs accurately. You can partially withdraw and borrow funds from the accumulated cash value.
  • Final expense insurance – We offer death benefits that cover funeral expenses and other final expenses, enabling your family to use the funds per their needs. The beneficiaries can use the amount for any purpose.

At United Direct Insurance, we understand your unique insurance needs and concerns. We are a specialized life insurance agency near you, offering insurance plans to safeguard the future of your loved ones and efficiently tackle all your risk coverage requirements. Contact us today to get your customized life insurance policy tailored to your needs.

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