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Get Broad, Affordable Business Owner's Coverage with United Direct Insurance Services

Do you own a business with less than 50 employees and annual sales below $5 million in California? If so, having a business owner's policy or BOP insurance can help keep your business afloat when a covered peril occurs. Without a proper fallback plan in place, many small businesses suffer insurmountable financial challenges and may never recover after facing third-party lawsuits or the loss of business equipment, inventory, or other assets.

Ideal Business Owners Insurance Policy

A BOP is an ideal safety net for all types of companies, ranging from consumer services and investment properties to restaurants and retail stores. By bundling various property and liability coverages in one package, BOP insurance helps you reduce the cost of protecting your business against common risks.

Our team of experts at United Direct Insurance Services can help you conveniently find the most affordable coverage tailored to your unique needs.

We Have You Covered!

As part of our BOP insurance, we offer two primary coverages:

  • General liability (GL)
  • Business and property
General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Liability coverage can pay for your attorney fees, compensatory damages, or out-of-court settlements brought against your company. These costs may arise from issues such as:

  • Bodily injury to customers, visitors, or other third parties on your premises.
  • Property damage your business (or an employee acting in their official capacity) may inflict on a third-party.
  • Advertising injuries, such as copyright infringement or defamatory statements published online.
  • Medical payments for the treatment of bodily injuries for which your company is legally liable.
  • Property/bodily injury auto liability coverage for vehicles you hire, lease, or rent for business use
Business and Property Coverage

Business and Property Coverage

This part of BOP insurance can pay a business owner to recover or replace items in the event of:

  • Business property loss, damage, theft: Covers your building, inventory, office furniture, or equipment used to support your operations from perils like fire, wind, or storm damage.
  • Business interruption: your business (or an employee acting in their official capacity) may inflict on a third-party.
  • Equipment failure: This BOP insurance component covers lost income, repair/replacement, spoiled inventory, or other losses from the unexpected downtime/mechanical breakdown of mission-critical business equipment.
All Your BOP Needs

Choose Us for All Your BOP Needs

At United Direct Insurance Services, we treat you as our Number One priority. Therefore, we ensure top-quality services at all times by:

  • Reviewing your business insurance needs while maximizing protection based on your budget, thus averting coverage gaps.
  • Providing competitive quotes from some of the most reputable carriers, helping you save on the overall costs.
  • Delivering custom protection and flexible options for a broad array of industry niches across California, including commercial property, retail, wholesale, hospitality, offices, and manufacturing.
  • Offering superior customer services, including periodic/ongoing consultation on your changing coverage needs.

We have the expertise and resources to help you find the right property and liability coverage that's specifically tailored to your business. Contact us today for a competitive BOP insurance quote!

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