How often do you think about car insurance? For most people, it's just once a month when it's time to pay bills. However, now and then, significant changes occur in a person's life, which affects their auto insurance.

Here are some factors that call for reviewing your vehicle insurance policy to ensure it is updated and meets state requirements.

  1. Buying a New Car or Motorcycle

    Anytime you buy a new car or motorcycle, you'll need to notify your insurance agent and revise your auto insurance. Whether you're adding or replacing a vehicle, you'll need to revisit your policy and make adjustments. Car insurance policies typically allow you a 7-30 day period to update your policy from the date of purchase of a new vehicle.

  2. Getting Married

    When people get married, they usually share ownership of their possessions and financial responsibilities. Let your insurer know and decide how you want to consolidate your insurance.

  3. Turning 55

    When you turn 55, it's like a preview of the retirement age of 65 since you start getting offers for senior discounts from various providers. When it comes to vehicle insurance, you might be eligible for a senior discount at age 55. Be aware, however, that auto insurance rates start to rise again for seniors due to health issues that can affect driving.

  4. Having Kids

    When you have kids, it means you'll have more passengers to think about. Then when your kids become old enough to drive, they'll need car insurance, which initially can be an extension of your plan.

  5. Changing Your Residence

    When you buy a new home, it can directly affect your vehicle insurance rates. One of the factors insurers use to set premiums is your zip code and its crime rate. The higher the crime rate, the higher your premiums will be.

Auto coverage must always meet your state's minimum requirements that reflect financial responsibility if you are involved in an accident. At United Direct Insurance Services, we can help you get auto insurance that sufficiently meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more!