Operating a vehicle comes with multiple risks. One of the more overlooked variables regarding driving is the potential impact of severe weather. Research shows that multiple fatal accidents occur every year due to severe weather conditions. Here's a closer look at how severe weather may impact your auto insurance policy.

People throughout the country have to deal with potential natural disasters causing problems. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires have caused significant damage throughout the country. The most worrying aspect is that natural disasters are hard to predict when they occur frequently. However, insurance provides a safety net. Here are some key natural disaster tips to consider while searching for cheap car insurance in Encino.

  • Potential Flood Damage

    If you reside in an area where frequent flooding occurs, you likely recognize the potential risks to your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage covers your vehicle if it is damaged due to flooding. You will be responsible for covering your deductible, and then your insurance coverage will take over. It's recommended that you check FEMA's Flood Map to see if you reside in a flood-prone area.

  • Potential Tornado Damage

    Tornadoes are a natural catastrophe. The rotating winds often leave a violent trail in their wake. The most dangerous tornadoes can destroy a home and hurl large vehicles through the air. Comprehensive coverage protects you if a tornado destroys your vehicle. The policy covers you if you have to replace or repair your vehicle. Remember that comprehensive coverage isn't automatically included in your policy. You will have to amend your policy to add the coverage. If you are financing your vehicle, the lender may require you to purchase comprehensive coverage.

  • Potential Hail Damage

    Large amounts of hail can rain down at any moment. These relatively small pieces of ice have the potential to do major damage to your vehicle. Hail is capable of denting your hood and cracking your windshield. The rapid nature of hail could leave you without much preparation time. If you have minimum coverage on your vehicle, you aren't covered against hailstorm damage. However, comprehensive coverage can protect you during severe frozen rain.

  • Potential Hurricane Damage

    If you reside near a water body, you can enjoy pleasant views. However, a potential natural disaster is always on the horizon. While you may attempt to prepare for a hurricane, these powerful storms can damage your property. You can add comprehensive coverage to cover your vehicle if it suffers damage due to one of these storms. It's also recommended that you reinforce your vehicle by adding some of the newest safety features.

  • Things to Consider

    Comprehensive coverage won't protect you if you are involved in an ice or snow-assisted accident. If the other driver is held responsible for the damages, their property damage liability insurance will cover the necessary repairs for your vehicle. If you are ruled responsible for the accident, your property damage coverage will cover all damages.

You can also use your collision coverage to cover any necessary repairs to your vehicle. Collision coverage is considered the easiest way to protect your vehicle if it's damaged in an accident due to severe weather. You can add it to your policy. If you have to drive in inclement weather regularly, it's recommended that you add collision and comprehensive insurance to your policy.

Consult with United Direct Insurance

Driving during severe weather can have fatal consequences. For many, this scenario is unavoidable, so obtaining insurance becomes crucial. If you have any questions about your auto insurance policy, United Direct Insurance can assist you. We will help you find the most suitable coverage options for your automobile, keeping all natural hazards in mind.