Who We Are

United Direct Insurance Services is a full-service insurance agency that continually strives to ensure that every client is sufficiently covered and that all of their needs are met. We help our clients find the personal and professional coverage they need to feel secure and protected. Our ultimate goal is to set them up with policies that work for them and still fall within their budget.

Why We Are Here & How Can We Help?

As a reputable insurance agency, we are here to make sure our clients have two things. First, we want to help them understand their needs when it comes to insurance. This means understanding how much they need and what type of insurance is required for that type of coverage. Secondly, we want to help them find the right policy. We look for the perfect match at an affordable price for every client we have.

Each of our agents has the training and experience required to provide our clients with the policies they need. We go the extra mile and get to know all of our clients. This allows us to create policies that are as unique as they are. We offer innovative and creative solutions for almost every type of insurance need that our clients may have. We are here to make sure every client we have has the insurance protection they need and deserve.

Our Expertise and Service Offering

At United Direct Insurance Services, we offer different types of coverages to meet all of your unique insurance needs. Our area of expertise is being able to match each client with the type of insurance policies they need to be sufficiently covered. We offer both single policies as well as bundles to make premiums more affordable and easier to manage.

The policies we offer include:

  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Condominium insurance
  • Business owner's insurance
  • Workers' compensation
  • General liability

When you need insurance or want to replace an existing policy, we have the options you are looking for!

What's New?

Visit our website to learn about all of the new things we have going on. While you are there, you will get a feel for who we are as an insurance agency. Not only do we offer excellent services and a wide selection, our agents are both dependable and knowledgeable. From homeowners to business owners, we are here to serve you!